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Foreign nationals that live permanently in the Czech Republic have the option of obtaining citizenship of the Czech Republic.


In order to obtain Czech citizenship a foreigner must meet the following requirements: 


  • Integration into the society of the Czech Republic from a social, family and work point of view 
  • Absence of any threat from foreigner to the state security, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, democratic foundations, life, health or property values of other people
  • Permanent residence in the Czech Republic
  • Valid residence in the Czech Republic
  • Clean record
  • Knowledge of the Czech language
  • Knowledge of the basics of the constitutional system, history, and culture of the country 
  • Non-infringement of the the Czech Republic legislation
  • Availability of funds necessary for living.

An application for Czech citizenship is submitted through the appropriate Department of the administration at the applicant's place of residence. Within 30 days, the Administration sends the materials to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which conducts a decision within 180 days.



We provide our clients with services related to the preparation and execution of documents necessary for applying to the Ministry of internal Affairs for Czech citizenship.


We provide international law services. 


  • Development and preparation of international trade contracts, legal support of transactions with participation of non-resident companies
  • Support of transactions based on foreign and/or international law 
  • Preparation of legal opinions on international legislation 
  • Representation of client's interests in the Czech Republic and other EU countries
  • Registration of legal entities with foreign investments in the Czech Republic
  • Support of companies' activities, support of real estate transactions located in the Czech Republic
  • Consultations on international law, European law, interaction of legal norms 
  • Optimization of international business taxation
  • Representation of client's interests in international courts.







We offer our clients services related to consumer right protection.


  • Preparation of complaints, claims for cost reduction, defect correction and compensation for damages 
  • Solving problems with energy and utility providers
  • Solving problems with banks, credit organizations, leasing companies
  • Preparation of claims for invalidity of legal transactions
  • Solving problems related to unauthorised use of personal data
  • Legal evaluation of contracts with service providers or sellers of goods
  • Solving problems with travel agencies, sport clubs
  • Termination of contracts with insurance companies and mobile operators
  • Risk assessment of contract execution with service providers or sellers of goods.


On the territory of the Czech Republic, not only Czech citizens can conclude marriages, but also citizens of foreign countries or couples in which one of the future spouses is a citizen of the Czech Republic and the second is a foreigner.



Adoption is the adoption of children who have been deprived of parental care, with the establishment of legal (personal and property) relations between the adopted and the adoptive parent that exist between parents and children.


Our services: 


  • Legal advice to clients who intend to adopt a child
  • Explanation of the conditions that must be met in order to be able to adopt a child
  • Legal support in the adoption process





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