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Provision of legal services on the right to inheritance in the Czech Republic, other EU countries and the Russian Federation:


  • Advice
  • Registration of intestacy or inheritance under a will
  • Recovery of lost documents
  • Inheritance case opening at the notary
  • Monetary contributions inheritance in a bank
  • Assistance in accession to the heirship
  • Obtaining a certificate of heirship
  • Discretionary asset management
  • Registration of real and personal property on the name of the heir



Litigation support in case of disputes Basic information for heir on intestacy or by devise in the Czech Republic
  • The inheritance consists of all the property of the testate, except for the rights and obligations that relate to the testate, except if they were recognized as debt or declared in a public authority.
  • It is possible to inherit on the basis of Contract, Will, or by Law. These grounds can come into force simultaneously.
  • A person who has committed an act of a deliberate crime against the testate, his ancestor, descendant or spouse, or has committed an unworthy act that contradicts the testate's death wish, is excluded from the right to inheritance.
  • The testate has the right to cancel the will or its separate provisions at any time. A will is revoked by revoking it or by drawing up of a later will.
  • The testate can issue an inheritance contract. By means of an inheritance contract the testate invokes a third party as the heir or beneficiary and the other party accepts it
  • In the first line of heirs, the testate's children and spouse have the right to inheritance, each of them in equal shares.
  • The second line heirs are the spouse, the testate's parents, and then those persons who have lived with the testate for at least one year in the family and have shared the household. The second line heirs inherit in equal shares, but the spouse always inherits at least half of the inheritance. 
  • In the third line, the testate's brothers and sisters inherit in equal shares. If one of the testate's siblings do not come into inheritance, then his children will receive an equal share of the inheritance.
  • In the fourth line, the testate's grandparents have equal shares.
  • In the fifth line, only the grandparents of the testate's parents have the right to inheritance. 
  • A heir who has the right to a mandatory share in the inheritance shall have a mandatory share in the inheritance. Heirs entitled to a mandatory share in the inheritance are the testate's children, and if they do not inherit, than their descendants do.
  • If none of the heirs inherits even in accordance with the legal succession order, the inheritance passes to the state and the state is treated as if it were the legal heir.
  • Accession to the heirship is confirmed by the court. The court confirms the accession to the heirship of a person whose right of inheritance has been proved.






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