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 In the case of a dispute, every individual or legal entity has the right to apply to the court for the protection of infringed rights.


Before going to court, it is reasonable to conduct a pre-trial settlement of the dispute. This is one of the most effective options for resolving disputes and can lead to the desired result without lengthy litigation.


The pre-trial settlement procedure may consist of several stages:


  • Comprehensive legal analysis of the situation
  • Negotiating with the violator of rights, clarification of the legal consequences of failure to fulfill obligations. 
  • Preparation and submission of a claim.
  • Obtaining a response to the claim, determining the legal position.
  • If the parties come to an agreement - the preparation and subsequent signing of a settlement agreement by both parties.


Pre-trial settlement of the dispute is the most optimal and cost-effective solution to the conflict. Legal disputes can last for years, as a result, the losing party will be forced to reimburse all legal costs, and the party in whose favour the decision will be taken will risk not getting material satisfaction, since for the period the dispute lasts, the financial state of the losing party can change dramatically.






Each legal entity or individual can apply to a Czech court for the protection of infringed rights. We represent the interests of our clients in the courts of general jurisdiction, the arbitration court at the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic and the Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic.


Our services:


  • Initial consultation, analysis of the current situation
  • Development of a legal position and reasonable strategy
  • Preparation of documents, collection of evidence relating to case
  • Forming and filing of a claim to the court
  • Preparation and submission to the court of an application for interim measures, if necessary
  • Representation of the principal's interests during the trial
  • If necessary, preparation of additional documents - petitions, statements, certificates, explanations
  • Representation of the principal's interests in the courts of higher instances.





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