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 Every company needs legal support of the company's business activities. Legal difficulties appear to be a part of a normal business life.

The timely help of professional lawyers allows to avoid many unpleasant situations and successfully deal with any arising problems.



  • Solving current company's issues – legal support in the organization of internal and external work of the company
  • Setting up and holding General Meetings, meetings of the Management Board and Supervisory Board
  • Regulation of company's legal relations (preparation of amendments to constituent documents)
  • Transfer of trading shares/stocks
  • Corporate management, including advice on choosing management form
  • Advice on shareholders and participants rights, duties and responsibilities of members of management bodies
  • Legal representation in relations with state authorities, timely informing the relevant authorities of all changes 
  • Changing/increasing or decreasing / of the authorized capital
  • Preparation of draft agreements regulating internal legal relations of shareholders, their discussion and approval
  • Securities (right to transfer securities, security guarantees, subscription to shares, bill and cheque rights)
  • Contract law (conducting specific contracts or complex contractual documentation that ensures legal implementation of the project and its consideration upon the interests of the represented party, due diligence/ legal audit, legal opinion
  • Banking law (investments and acquisitions, credit issues)
  • Support in performing all obligations under Czech law (preparation of regulatory documents on the legal relations of participating persons, management contracts, timely informing of relevant authorities)
  • Verbal consultations and written advice on various branches of law.
  • Participation in negotiations with contractors
  • Preparation of claims, appeals and cassation appeals
  • Participation in enforcement proceedings
  • Legal representation in courts of General jurisdiction and arbitration courts.





Subscription service -  monthly prepayment with a fixed cost of legal and accounting services


Payment for services actually rendered in accordance with the hourly rate of payment.


Advantages of subscription service: By signing a subscription service agreement, you hire not just one lawyer, but a whole team of lawyers , tax consultants and specialists in various branches of law. You get advice on various areas of legislation, analysis and development of contracts, protection of interests in state bodies and courts. You can contact us at any time with legal questions and get professional advice, document analysis or a conducted contract in a short time. Individual approach and confidentiality. The price for services under a subscription agreement is lower than for individual contracts.



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