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The European Court of Human Rights was founded in 1959 and is an international judicial body that operates on the basis of the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.


The court is obliged to decern on complaints concerning violations of civil or political rights. The Court's rulings are binding on States that have ratified the Convention.

The Court's practice has helped the Convention become a powerful tool for strengthening the rule of law and democracy.


The ECHR is located in Strasbourg (France). The processing of complaints is a long and complex process that can last for years. At the first stage complaints are dealt with on the subject of admissibility. If the complaint is inadmissible, it is to be refused for acceptance. If the complaint is admissible, meaning meets all the requirements, the Court considers the issue on its merits.


As a result of the processing of complaints, a court ruling is issued. If the Court finds that the rights have been violated, the applicant is awarded fair compensation.


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  • Study of judicial practice of the Court in cases similar to those of our clients
  • Qualifying violations of our clients' rights in accordance with the Convention
  • Preparing and filing an application to the Court
  • Correspondence with the Court, preparation of explanations on the objection to the complaint
  • Support for the execution of a Court decision in national jurisdiction
  • Legal advice
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