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The Czech Republic is one of the most successful countries in the Central and Eastern Europe by attracting foreign investment due to its numerous favorable investment factors,

such as:


  • the Czech Republic is a member of the European Union and is a member of the Schengen zone,
  • there is a high proportion of secondary and higher education,
  • the democratic market economy,
  • the favourable strategic location in the center of Europe,
  • the labour force is cheaper than in the Western countries, the legislation allows attracting foreign labour,
  • the extensive experience in industrial production,
  • the favourable tax climate,
  • the European mentality and culture.



There are no restrictions on foreign investment into the economy. Legal entities and individuals from other countries have the right to run a business in the Czech Republic under the same conditions as citizens of the Czech Republic.


Foreign investment can exist in multiple directions:


  • Real estate and construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Securities
  • Social projects
  • Environmental projects
  • Mineral extraction.



Our services:


  • Advice in making investment decisions and planning an investment project in the Czech Republic, evaluation of the attractiveness of an investment project
  • Representation of the investor interests during negotiations with representatives of state and municipal authorities
  • Assistance in obtaining building permits, permits for the right to undertake an activity
  • Advice on opportunities to legally minimise tax liabilities
  • Preparation of drafts and agreements, legal examination of documents
  • Comprehensive legal support for the investor.




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