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Labour law applies to all employers and all employees, regulates relations between them, provides for labour protection conditions, rights and obligations of the parties, collective bargaining. Serious penalties may be imposed for non-compliance with labour law.



We provide services in the field of labour relations regulation to both employers and employees:



  • Development of employment and performance contracts
  • Termination of contracts at the initiative of the employer or employee
  • Representation in court and labour inspectorate
  • Advice for employers related to employment of foreigners from third countries
  • Representation in the Ministry of the Interior on the issue of obtaining or renewing a residence permit for foreign workers
  • Preparation of documents for applying for the issuance of a blue card or work permission
  • Preparation of documents for applying for a visa for seasonal work
  • Representation of interests of employers and foreign workers in the Department of Employment
  • Advice for foreign workers on their rights and obligations in connection with employment in the Czech Republic
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