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One of the main institutions of the European Union is Court of Justice of the European Union, located in Luxembourg.

This is the highest instance of the EU, and the judicial decisions cannot be appealed. The court is composed of one judge from each EU member state, assisted by eight advocate-generals.




provide uniform interpretation and application of European law. The judicial decisions appeal to be the most important sources of European Union law.




  • Direct jurisdiction.


Consideration of claims in respect of which the EU court is authorized to make decisions on the merits. This category includes claims for obligation defaults, claims for bringing the EU to responsibility, and claims for the unreasonableness of European Union sanctions against individual legal entities or individuals.


  • Indirect jurisdiction.


Examination of requests for the validity of EU regulations or for the interpretation of EU law, and the provision of opinions by the Court on international agreements concluded by the EU.

Our lawyers represent clients in the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg on issues of appeal against the application of sanctions by the European Union against legal entities and individuals.



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  • Initial consultation, analysis of the current situation
  • Legal position and business strategy development
  • Preparation of documents, taking of evidence in the case
  • Claim preparation and submission to the court o Legal representation during the court session
  • Preparation of petitions, objections, explanations and replications.




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