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Enforcement of foreign judgments means the recognition in a foreign state the judgments rendered in another jurisdiction with the same qualities that have entered into force in that jurisdiction, including incontrovertibility, exclusiveness and enforceability.

A judgment recognised in a state confirms the rights and obligations in the same way as in the state where it was rendered.

Enforcement of a judgment implies the possibility of applying the forcible implementation. The basis for enforcement of a judgment on the territory of the Czech Republic is determined by the presence of a case examined by a foreign court, which is confirmed by the presence of a judicial act that has entered into force.


The judicial act, in turn, should be executed in accordance with the Czech law.


Recognition of a foreign judgment usually does not imply any special procedure, but in order to start the enforcement proceedings in the Czech Republic based on a foreign judgment, verification of the conditions that the judgment must comply with is required.

There is a special procedure without which a foreign judgment cannot be enforced in the Czech Republic.


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