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 In the process of collaborative work of companies from different jurisdictions, it becomes necessary to formalise their legal relations in such a way that the legal norms of each jurisdiction and international norms are taken into account in order to avoid contradictions between them.


The examples of such contracts are:


  • Supply of goods and services
  • Performance of work o FX transactions
  • Employment contract with foreign specialists
  • Bringing a foreign contract into compliance with the legislation of another country
  • Transfer of debt, assignment of claims, foreign currency netting, etc.



We cooperate with lawyers and tax advisers working in other jurisdictions. This allows us to provide clients with a full range of services related to the qualified legal support of our clients both at the stage of concluding contracts and in any subsequent work:


  •  Verification and analysis of earlier concluded contracts, preparation of amendments to them
  • Development of contracts and agreements with foreign partners, recommendations on the selection of applicable law and jurisdiction
  • Insertion of a structured arbitration clause into contracts 
  • Consulting, analysis of tax and civil legal risks
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