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We provide our clients with a full range of services related to debt collection in the Czech Republic, including on the basis of decisions made by courts of other countries.

Very often, lawyers only need to apply to the debtor to reimburse the amount owed to the client.


This act is sufficient for the issue to be fully resolved, and there is no need to go to court.



In this case we provide the client with the following services: 



  • Analysis of documents
  • Collecting information about the debtor's solvency from open sources
  • Preparing a claim to the debtor o Conducting negotiations with the debtor, determining the method of payment of the debt
  • Preparation of a dispute settlement agreement
  • If the debtor refuses to reimburse the amount of the debt on a voluntary basis, we represent the client in the process of debt collection through the court: preparation of a statement of claim and sending documents to the court; participation in court sessions
  • If the debtor does not fulfill its obligations even after the decision comes into force, we represent the client's interests in enforcement proceedings, during the bankruptcy procedure.




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