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On the territory of the Czech Republic, not only Czech citizens can conclude marriages, but also citizens of foreign countries or couples in which one of the future spouses is a citizen of the Czech Republic and the second is a foreigner.


The marriage ceremony is public and solemn; it is performed in the presence of two witnesses. Before concluding marriage, you must submit an application and documents to the Matrica (Civil Registry Office). The list of documents is regulated by the law on registers, names and surnames.

All documents issued by a foreign state in a foreign language must be translated into Czech.



Prague Law Firm  provides the following services related to marriage registration in the Czech Republic:



  • Legal representation in the Civil Registry Office, filing an application for marriage registration
  • Preparation of necessary documents
  • Providing translation of documents into Czech, providing super-legalisation (apostille) of documents, if required.
  • Ensuring the presence of a court interpreter during the ceremony of marriage
  • Obtaining the documents required for marriage registration at the Consulate of the country of which the foreigner is a citizen.



We provide services related to divorce in the Czech Republic


In the Czech Republic, a marriage can only be dissolved by a court decision. The length and complexity of the procedure depends on whether the couple can peacefully resolve issues related to the upbringing of children and the division of property. First of all, the court resolves the issue related to the spouses' minor children. Without resolving this issue, it is impossible to terminate the marriage. An application for divorce can be filed by one spouse or both together.



Divorce without dispute


If the spouses have reached a common opinion on the divorce, and the application for divorce of one of the spouses is joined by the other, it is assumed that the spouses have reached an agreement on the division of property, and on issues related to the upbringing of minor children. In this case, the court will not require the reasons for divorce and will terminate it.



A contentious divorce


If one of the spouses does not agree with the divorce, or the spouses could not agree on issues related to the upbringing of children or the division of property, the court considers all the circumstances that led to the dissolution of marriage. After reviewing the application, the court makes a decision on divorce.


The Czech court considers claims for divorce where one or both of the spouses are foreigners if:


  • one of the spouses is a Czech citizen, 
  • if the Respondent has a place of residence in the Czech Republic, 
  • if both spouses are foreigners, and both had a place of residence in the Czech Republic, and the plaintiff has a place of residence in the Czech Republic at the time of applying to the court, 
  • if the plaintiff has a place of residence in the Czech Republic, and the defendant does not object to the divorce,
  • the defendant does not have a place of residence in the Czech Republic, and the plaintiff has lived in the Czech Republic for at least 1 year.





  • Preparation of a statement of claim for divorce
  • Preparation of an application to resolve issues related to the upbringing and maintenance of children
  • Development of property sharing agreements
  • Legal representation in court.






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